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>On Monday, July 28, 1997 9:25 PM, Adam 
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>Well, gosh, turn around and there you are discussing my game. :)
>Well,  mine and a bunch of other folks' anyway. Hopefully nothing I
>say in  this post will fall under our esteemed list-owner's rules
>about  commercial mud boosterism; I'm just trying to respond within
>the  context of the discussion, and self-critically as well.

Nahh.  Perhaps I should clarify.  Basic philosphy:

  "Look at me!" school yard chest thumping is unwelcome.  Generic
trolls, put-downs, and other forms of cowed get-backs are unwelcome. 
Interested discussion of relevant points, good and bad, of systems are
especially welcome.  

  I expect you to be proud of your own systems.  I expect that pride
to show in your posts.  I would be dissappointed if that pride were
*not* shown in your posts.  This does not mean "Better than you, so
Nyahh!" schoolyard bully pride, this means, "I think we did a really
incredibly good job, and here's why...".  I realise that you are
unlikely to either point out or overly willingly admit the glaring
design flaws in your systems.  I don't expect that of uour
non-commercial members until their noses are rubbed in it either.

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