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>>*grin* I wonder if people would still be laughing when they realise there
>>will be no bread unless somebody else decides to bake it. And sells it at
>>a price justified by demand.

>Interesting question.. id it fun to force players to do basicly
>boring actions as the "price" of playing the game??

Simpler questions:

  Will some players consider it fun to know that they effectively
control the supply of bread to the game and thus have the benefits of
a personally owned monopoly?

  Will other players consider it fun to strive for or against this?

  Will the rest of the playing body be content to ignore this, or will
it become a sub-game in itself?

I suspect it would quickly devolve into a rats fight among those who
wanted to be the bakers, while the rest of the players just bought
whatever bread was available and went on their way.

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