[MUD-Dev] Nation of shopkeepers

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Sun Aug 3 18:10:24 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Sat 02 Aug, Brandon Van Every wrote:

> In general, what I'm developing here is a mathematical notion of ECOLOGY,
> rather than ECONOMY.  Economy is boring.  It's based on the ever-expanding
> gas cloud known as The Almighty Dollar.  Most of us have to play this game
> in real life, which is why we don't necessarily want to do it when we're
> online.

Ah, but what _is_ the difference between ecology and economy?  

Why not make economy a fixed pie instead of the ever-expanding gas cloud.  
Just for game reasons and possible exploration of social theory *wink*.

As a group of players or single player becomes richer in wealth (not 
necessarily gold, perhaps land, sheep, and such), the rest of the mud
NPCs and other players alike would become increasingly poorer.
Another words the only way to advance one's wealth is at the expense
of others.  

Just a thought.


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