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At 07:17 PM 8/5/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
 obvious way to apply this.
>This is what we do in UO. We track raw materials and even abstract 
>qualities (spookiness, for example, there's only a fixed amount of 
>spooky stuff in the world). and have a fixed total in the world (well, 
>fixed except that it increases as playerbase increases). We call these 
>"resources" and we also base our AI on them.

Hmm this is slightly off topic BUT...

Plot elements can also be considered a respource, as can puzzle answers and
such.  Ultimately there is a general type of resource caslled "information".

Unfrotunately players share info way to ofreely as a rule... for example
the Guttenburg Project at the UO vault that already has the text of every
book you gusy ptu into the game...

How do you prevent or control the cheapening of such info resources??

Seems quite a problem to me...


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