[MUD-Dev] DESIGN: The purpose of MUDding?

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>You can have quite a few players hopping about over PPP without
>lagging to hell FYI - my personal record is probably 10 on any kind
>of server, over 28.8 PPP, and on a P90 (NexGen) with 8 megs of ram on
>linux. This was not a limit because of resources - it was a limit
>because that was the amount of people who actually showed up at the
>same time.

This is an area I intend to actively investigate.  I have purchased a
low end Alpha workstation.  It will be connected to the net initially
by 56K modek (lord knows what connection rate I'll really get) 24/7,
with (later) an ISDN connection taking over during off-peak hours
only.  News, mail (this list and my own email), and web traffic will
be flowing over the same connection, but is not likely to swamp the
pipe (low traffic).

In this line I'll be actively interested in what sort of user load the
connection can support for various MUDs.  The Alpha will be running
Linux (RH 4.2 for now), ha 40Meg of RAM currently, and will soon be
upgraded to 64Meg (possibly 96Meg).  CPU is a possible bottleneck
(166MHz 21066).  Disk space is *not* a problem (3Gig online now,
another 20Gig in reserve).

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