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At 08:14 AM 8/12/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>On Mon, 11 Aug 1997, Richard Woolcock wrote:
>> Matt Chatterley wrote:
>> > 
>> > Yup! This is where one vital change in outlook is a key starting point.
>> > Weapons are NOT separate entities in their own right. ANYTHING you can
>> > lift and swipe with is a weapon! Just a sword is better designed for
>> > cutting than a chair you grabbed in the inn.
>> Why use the chair?  If you're an 8 foot ogre, you could use the innkeeper.

This also points otu the problem with partially modeling physics.  The
inkeerp might be liftable. But hes not abalnced weapon nor is he rigid when
you try to swing him.  Then theres the issue of give in the inkeepers body
absorbign soem of the damage when he collides with something...

Personalyl thsi is why I see this approachas ultimately less fruitful then
an abstracted but consistant model such as  you see in a good pen and paper
RPG (and no I WONt mention Hero again... whooops, i just did ;) )  Ocne you
start making your rules "do what you'ld do in the real world" anything
SHORT of a complete simulation of every aspect of the real world becoems a

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