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>> Precisely.  Just what is there for a player to do once he's made Wiz
>> on a standard MUD other than thumb twiddle or torture the local
>> inhabitants?

>Nothing. For that player, the game is over. That is NOT to say that
>it's badly designed, nor that this isn't a huge problem. I spot an
>assumed orthodoxy here.

Yes, much the like assumed orthodoxy that MUD users want to play
heros.  Nightmare provides a perfect case in point to demonstrate the
fallacy of that one.

>Which "Legend" is everyone referring to?

mud.aus.sig.net 9999

>Ok. But it's really depressing for us scratchers to have to hear
>unmodified Diku being passed off as original. It's demoralising.

Thou art a dino.

>> To an extent Bartle was right: don't worry about losing off players,
>> there are always more.  The playing population refreshes itself,
>> fractionally, every year.  (I'd be *really* interested in a study on
>> what that fraction was.)  As the years pass that fraction accumulates

>Hmmm ... I smell the festering seeds of my next controversial
>research  paper here ... :)

Fertilise, fertilise, fertilise.

>> >In recent discussions with EdFromO...
>He's now referring to "its/it's" as "Advanced You're".

I'll confess to knowing and largely ignoring the difference as my own
minor kick towards correcting Englush structure.

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