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Richard Woolcock KaVir at dial.pipex.com
Tue Aug 12 18:23:23 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Chris Gray wrote:
> [Richard W:]
> :Hello all, I have just recently been invited to this list by Martin Keegan.
> Welcome to the asylum! Hmm. Perhaps not. :-)
> :The mud is based on the World of Darkness,
> I'm not familiar with that, although I've been reading fantasy for
> many years. Is it a book series? Comics? Movie? TV show? RP Game?
> --
> Chris Gray   cg at ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA

The World of Darkness is a setting for 5 roleplaying games, the most
well known of which is "Vampire: The Masquerade".  There was also a
brief TV series made based on the game called "Kindred: The Embraced".

Basically...modern day gothic-type setting.  Imagine 'the Crow' or
Gothem city in the various 'Batman' films.  Players start off mortal,
but can become various other creatures - I am concentrating on the
vampires at the moment, although there are a few others too.

To become a vampire, you have to find one willing, who then 'embraces'
you - draining your blood (you need to deliberately lower your defences
for this).  The vampire then has to stop when you are 'on the verge of
death', slit/tear open their own wrist, then feed you some of their own
blood.  You then become a 13th generation vampire of your sires clan -
unless they have the power Acid Blood, in which case you become a rather
dead pool of flesh.  There are 4 waring sects of vampires, each of which
contains a number of clans, each of which has 3 particularly disciplines,
each of which contains 10 unique powers (although these disciplines can
be taught and learned, one power at a time).  Players are also able to 
form coteries - basically like 'hidden' clans - which work together 
secretly.  There are two main routes to power - The 'good' route is the 
search for Golconda (inner peace).  Golconda vampires have a couple of 
very nice disciplines available, never frenzy, and are able to raise 
their disciplines to level 10 no matter what generation they are.  The
evil route encourages diablerie (vampiric cannibalism - a very quick
way to lower your generation and thus gain more power).  Unfortunately
every time you commit diablerie your beast takes greater control over
you, until eventually you are completely under its sway.  High beast
rating gives a greater chance of frenzying when hurt or thirsty for blood.
When you frenzy you get combat bonuses and become immune to the mind-
controlling disciplines of Dominate and Presence, but are unable to 
regenerate yourself and - even worse - you have a tendancy to attack 
people at random who are in the same room as you, tearing their heads
off once they are in torpor (Vampires can only be killed by decapitation
or aggravated damage such as fire, claws, or weapons which has been
exposed to the Quietus discipline power "Blood Agony" - anything else
will just reduce them to -10hp, at which point they may attempt to use
blood points to regenerate themselves).

Oooops sorry that message got a bit long ;)  Suffice to say my vampires
are a bit more than those found in your average stockmud.

Out of interest, has anyone else coded vampires?  I'd be interested to
hear about any of the powers you've given them (I'm running out of
ideas ;)


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