[MUD-Dev] Graphic MUDS/Ultima Online

Adam Wiggins nightfall at user1.inficad.com
Wed Aug 13 09:03:59 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

[Matt C:]
> > Got a problem with players leaving sticks, branches and other torch
> > materials about the land in huge quantity?  Let 'em be.  Sooner or
> > later some enterprising soul will start collecting them and building
> > houses, cheap wooden armour, shields, *something*.  Ditto for all the
> > other detritus.
> Yup! This is where one vital change in outlook is a key starting point.
> Weapons are NOT separate entities in their own right. ANYTHING you can
> lift and swipe with is a weapon! Just a sword is better designed for
> cutting than a chair you grabbed in the inn.

Yes.  My personal favorite is a half-giant beset by two or more goblins.
No weapon handy?  Grab the closest goblin and get busy.

You massacre the goblin on the head with your might splut.
Your weapon says, 'Ouch!'

Another cool side-effect of our system (no inventory, just your 'hands')
is that you may end up using something as a weapon without intending to.
Normally if you're standing someplace holding a non-weapon and someone attacks
you, you'll drop the weapon in favor of drawing your sword/other sheathed
weapon.  But if your character decides that they aren't going to have
enough time to get the weapon out of the sheathe before the blow lands
(which is rare, actually, because normally you have quite a bit of warning
when someone attacks you) you may end up doing something like:

> get vase
You sheathe your sword and pick up the fine crystal vase.
> exam vase
It is very beautiful and very, very delicate.
Suddenly Bubba launches himself from the shadows, mace raised for a blow!
You parry Bubba's attack with your vase, which shatters into a million pieces.
You draw your sword.

Heh, heh, heh.  We didn't intend it that way, but as it works out, I
love it...

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