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>I know someone who is looking into dynamic linking of object files
>into a  running executable. Has anyone here done anything like this?

The OS/2 versionj of my server currently has hooks to note that DLL's
exist in one of two defined directories at runtime, and then either
add the functions defined in the DLL to the built-in functions of the
internal language, or create a new object whose methods are the entry
points defined in the DLL.

>What is it that you dislike about mainstream languages? Why?

Purely stylistic.  I don't like RPN, I don't like white space
sensitivity, I don't like order sensitive syntax, I don't like
swiss-army-knife features, I'm not fond of stack machines.  I do like
simplistic, elgant, orthogonal, message based languages.  For simple
languages I like typeless languages.

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