[MUD-Dev] Introduction

John G. ashen at pixi.com
Wed Aug 13 17:01:26 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

(just a quick interjected note or two, rest snipped)

>From C.Lawrence:
[re: intro by Dan Armstrong]

: What do you do when Bubba dumps 50,000 individual pieces of gold,
: pebbles etc all at the same location?  Have a lost 50,000 items long?

coins do the aggregate-object thing.  melt together like a t-1000.

:>...but how to give the player an intelligent description of what
:>they see is difficult.  I could simply list everything from closest
:>to farthest, but that would not be very intelligent.

: cut off all groups beneath a minumim interest level, generate text
: moving from the highest interest group on down.

Another easy-to-implement idea I found interesting was to present
the text in different sizes by interest/obviousness.  Close objects
or attention-demanding situations get presented at 1.2 times, 
medium-range and attractive texts at normal size, and distant or
barely-consequential info at 0.8 times normal text size. 

-John G. (got rid of that outdated nick "Huibai")

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