[MUD-Dev] Dots in a name?

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>One of the most distinctive things about "foreign" countries is that
>the signs on the roads contain weird and wonderful symbols, and where
>the Roman alphabet is used, dots and dashes and slashes. I want my
>mud to have different regions with different orthography systems for
>atmosphere reasons.

>The problem I have is with implementations - how do I know how
>non-ASCII characters are being displayed on the client side? MSD*S
>uses a different character set from Windows, which is different from
>the Mac and Unix and NT.

>Is this problem insurmountable?

Nope.  Talk to an internationalisation programmer -- there should be
hordes at Oxbridge/Camford. <runs>   Possible solutions:

  Least impact:  UTF8 and cronies.
  Most impact:   Unicode.

Both will require custom clients.

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