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>Matt Chatterley wrote:
>> Yup! This is where one vital change in outlook is a key starting point.
>> Weapons are NOT separate entities in their own right. ANYTHING you can
>> lift and swipe with is a weapon! Just a sword is better designed for
>> cutting than a chair you grabbed in the inn.

>Why use the chair?  If you're an 8 foot ogre, you could use the

At only 8 feet tall, especially considering that muscular strength
increases proportionally to muscular cross-sectional area, and NOT to
muscular mass, but that mass increases with the cube...  Unless you're
8 foot ogre is built almost as wide as he is tall he's not going to be
able to do much more than shake the Inn keeper's hand.

cf tall basketball players.  They're not into power weight lifting.

>You swing the Innkeeper over your head, striking the drunkard hard.

Being picky and deliberately obnoxious:

  The drunkard is over your head?

  It is possible to hit someone other than hard with an Innkeeper?

  Isn't hitting someone with an Innkeeper somewhat equivalent to 
  having them hit the Innkeeper hard?

>Now watch the mess you make in a bar-room brawl...

Oh lord, time for UggUgg's fight (which has many flaws in its own
right, the most grievious being the automatic acceptance of offered
items and the staccato statements):

  UggUgg slashes at you with his Sword of Instant Beheading 
  and minor discomfort!
  > cast soakhole on uggugg
  You cast the dreaded mana eater soakhole on UggUgg!
  UggUgg sneezes and buries your in green snot!
  Your armour suddenly dissappears!  
  Your spell of magical summon protection fails!
  Your spell of magical sight fails!
  UggUgg's Nose Ring of Killer Snot dissappears!
  UggUgg's Belt of Gas Containment dissappears!  Phew!
  UggUgg's dagger of wart removal dissappears!
  > cast create mana
  You create 5,000 units of mana!
  Your mana stores are now empty.
  >cast $my_protections
  You are now magically potected from summons.
  You can now see all magically hidden objects.
  UggUgg thows a blade of painful castration at you!
  > jump!
  You leap mightily.
  The blade misses!  You are still a baritone.
  > attack uggugg with spear
  You ram UggUgg through with the spear of Icy Death!
  UggUgg now has the flu and looks a bit watery about the eyes.
  UggUgg picks up a rock.
  UggUgg bases you with a rock!  Ouch!  That hurt!
  > throw TC at uggugg
  You throw the charmed trash collector at UggUgg.
  The TC englobes UggUgg!
  UggUgg gives you the Sword of Instant Beheading and minor
  UggUgg gives you the Boots of Mighty Chilblains,
  UggUgg gives you the Goggles of Big Farts.
  UggUgg gives you Super Nose Hair Puller.
  The TC has eaten everything UggUgg was carrying!  Yech!
  UggUgg is naked!
  Your spell of magical summon protection fails!
  Your spell of magical sight fails!
  Your spell of magical tummy tuck fails!
  Your spell of power voice fails!
  Your spell of land control fails!
  Your spell of bowel control fails!  
  Your spell of toe cheese protection fails!
  > stat spells
  You have no spells.
  > stat mana
  There is no mana here.
  > strangle uggugg
  You wrap your hands about UggUgg's neck and begin to squeeze!
  UggUgg prays to the Great God GooGoo!
  GooGoo mana blesses the area!  
  There is a LOT of mana here!  You skin prickles!
  > i
  You have a mana shielding sack
  > l in sack
  There are 5,000,000 TC spores in the sack.
  >empty sack on UggUgg
  The spores eat all the mana!
  There are 5,000,000 TC's here!  Wow.
  All the mana is gone!  

Quite messy as well.

(Sorry, this has been a *really* frustrating fortnight)

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