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At 08:59 PM 8/13/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>Light is probably the fundamental problem with 3d art.  Two problems -
>first, 3d primatives are in no way representative of real objects.
>Real objects have rounded edges, no matter how 'sharp' they may seem, so
>light never reflects off 90 angle corners the same way they do a 3d cube.

AH, what you are really talkign abotu here is things liek atmospheric
effects, the afct that edges are not as sharp in the seen world as in a
simulated image.

There was alkot of inertetsuing work again done by TLG/Pixar o na technique
called "stochastic ray tracing" that elegently handled alot of these
issues, albiet slowly.

>Second is that the light is not modeled very well.  Real light, sunlight
>especially, bounces off the surfaces it strikes.  A real object, no matter
>how simple, is going to have light striking it from all sides at a billion
>different angles.  Thus is as compared to a rendered object with matematical
>light which doesn't reflect at all, or very little.  They try to make

Actaully this isn't true, again.

You really need to look at some of the high end work done in reserarch.
Try looking at radiosity-modeled images.  Again tehre are images in past
SIGGRAPH proceedings I know.

Granted you cant do radiosity in real time, yet, so ID cant do that...

But that STILl doesnt mean all their artwork has to be so incredibly dark.
Its an artistic chocie I suspect but one I do not agree with.

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