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>>   at 06:00 PM, Adam Wiggins <nightfall at user2.inficad.com> said:
>>>I've never seen a descent looking 3D landscape, realtime or rendered. 
>>>Organic shapes just don't take well to polygons, and it's difficult
>>>to get the rich colors of a fantasy world in 3D.

>Hmm. Then Ild hesitate to say you haven't seen many rendered images..

>Ild sugegst yo ustart with an image called "The Road to Poin Reyes"
>done by The Lucasfilm Computer group (now Pixar) about 15 years ago,
>and it onyl gets even better from there.

I think you are missing something.  He's not looking for realism. 
He's looking for believably fantastic surrealism.  He wants the
exagerated colours, the heightened scale of the focal point, the
diminishment and gradual loss of focus for non-focal areas, the
pointillistic effects on focal highlights etc.  He wants renderend
Franzetta, not computerised photographs,

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