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>> >> Precisely.  Just what is there for a player to do once he's made Wiz
>> >> on a standard MUD other than thumb twiddle or torture the local
>> >> inhabitants?
>> >Nothing. For that player, the game is over. That is NOT to say that
>> >it's badly designed, nor that this isn't a huge problem. I spot an
>> >assumed orthodoxy here.
>> Yes, much the like assumed orthodoxy that MUD users want to play
>> heros.  Nightmare provides a perfect case in point to demonstrate the
>> fallacy of that one.

>Yes. Mind you - I haven't really found a perfectly amicable solution
>to this. Some (well, one that I can name) muds allow a choice at a
>certain level between wizard and hero - continuing to play ad
>nauseum, and becoming a creator. There are inherent problems in this
>(you can get creators who are not necessarily good with
>responsibility - although determined in their play). I personally
>plan to try and make higher levels more interesting (this is where
>strategy and wargame elements will come into play much more), and
>take wizards through application outside the game.

Bartle proposed a simple solution as a side-effect of perma-death.  If
you have incompetants approaching situations of power they are
unsuited to, either kill them, or ensure they are killed.

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