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>At 07:18 AM 8/14/97 PST8PDT, Nathan wrote:
>>On Tue, 12 Aug 1997 clawrenc at cup.hp.com wrote:

>>:I have strong suspicions that this is what UO is doing under the
>>:covers.  Raph's comment on the client doing prediction of background
>>:movement etx would seem to require this sort of model implicitly.  I'm

>Have to disagree with your logic JC.

>Prediction/correction (which in a lecture on everyyear at CGDC along
>with other net-game models) really only requires that each update be
>complete enough in itself to cause a correction...

Oooo.  Hadn't thought of relating that in there.  Makes sense.

>... predictio nworks
>BETTR with low ferquency info (state stuff like motion vectors) then
>high fequency info (controller actions) but it can be done and, in
>fact, MY expereicne with the UOL controls suggests that it IS a
>controller-state model.

What encourages you to the controller model vs the state model?

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