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On Thu, 14 Aug 1997, Richard Woolcock wrote:


:Sorry if that was a bit long.  I'm very much into the idea
:of players being able to affect their surroundings - one of
:the things I have planned for my coord-based world is being
:able to hurl people through walls (particularly affective if
:you are standing on a high building at the time).  I also
:have blood stains, which are caused when people bleed in

You and I should get together. We think too much alike...

A note toward Jeff's concerns with lifting and swinging bodies... the
center of mass is tracked as a four dimensional cooridinate in any case
of assembled objects, with the fourth dimension being a projection in time
(my collision detection system), and the motions of a struggle do not add
much more difficulty than the simulated chaotic motion of (for example) a
blanket or net being swung. More to the point, its hardly any more
unnatural that, for example, riding on a horse (or a gyrocycle, for that
matter), and it adds sooo much.

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