[MUD-Dev] Level abstractions - Realism vs Game Issues

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On Thu, 14 Aug 1997 clawrenc at cup.hp.com wrote:

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:   at 07:01 AM, Nathan Yospe <yospe at hawaii.edu> said:
:>On Sun, 10 Aug 1997, Adam Wiggins wrote:
:>I hope that reaction (yanking the axe and drawing the sword) was a
:>computer handled reflex... this list is populated with wimps
:>(kidding, really, c'mon guys, put down that LART, it was a joke...)
:>who don't want to offend people's senses of dominance over their mud
:>bodies by letting the bodies act instinctively or reflexively, even
:>in high stress situations.
:I'd suggest that human players do enough reflexive and reactive
:thinking in situations of MUD-stress to satisfy that need (I've seen
:players hurl their bodies out of their chairs when killed, faces drawn
:and white, far too close to adreniline shock for comfort).  Given
:that, wouldn't coding it into the MUD characters tend to prevent the
:case of the nerves-of-steel chap, or the fellow who is normally an
:utter wimp, but this one time knows exactly what he is getting into,
:has steeled himself, and with teeth gritted bulls his way thru as a
:temporary piece of stone?

No, to the first... nerves-of-steel is a very explicit tracked condition
of your character, and the second case would require the character to
spend a great deal of time bracing himself - something that a character
can (and should) do in such situations. And your hurling self bit reminds
me of my days, six or seven years ago, playing on a Nintendo... I'm not
trying for that effect. I want the story to play out for you, from your
character's perspective. And that means emotional and intelectual
perspective as well as physical. And I want you to have to _fight_ (and in
character, no less) to do anything that is out of character for your

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