[MUD-Dev] C&C and Event Rescheduling

Adam Wiggins nightfall at user2.inficad.com
Sat Aug 16 13:57:36 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

[Nathan Y:]
> On Thu, 14 Aug 1997 clawrenc at cup.hp.com wrote:
> :In the general case yes.  An explicit exception should be made for
> :interrupt commands.
> I don't like it even in general. Of course, my model is different, and not
> very many commands are executed as a single event, which is a major part
> of the rational behind the "event chain" model (I once provided a martial
> arts example, in which a jump kick is transformed into a somersault and
> turn when the target dives out of the way...)

Don't remember the example, but this is exactly how ours works as well.
For instance, even a 'simple' attack (Buffy swinging her axe) consists
of several events: circling the opponent with axe raised (could be
circumvented with a surprise attack), actually swinging the axe, connecting
with the axe (this could potentially be longer than instantaneous if it
gets stuck in the victim(s)), and recovery where she pulls herself back
to some sort of ready position.  All of these happen in very quick succession,
but potentially can be interrupted and or shortened via either the player
trying to do something else (they suddenly decide they don't want to attack
in the middle of the swing and try to pull the blow), or the victim doing
something else (they teleport away, so Buffy desperately tries to catch her
swing in order to avoid throwing herself completely off-balance).
Recovery can very often be shortened if there is something life threatening -
Buffy is pulling her axe up and her opponent swings at her with a sword.
She decides that it would be best to cut her recovery event a bit short
in order to try to parry the blow that will probably otherwise kill her, but
by doing so she builds up 'penalty' - basically meaning that the parry will
be executed with less skill than she could otherwise muster, and in fact
everything she attempts until that penalty is allowed to disipate will be
hindered.  (Penalty is accumulative.)  Hmm hope that's all right, it's
been a while, and I wasn't the one who wrote that code anyhow. :)

Anyways the question for you Nathan, and anyone else using a similar model:
can characters attempt to 'hurry up' or otherwise manipulate their
executing events in light of other things transpiring around them?

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