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Maddog Worlds maddog at best.com
Sun Aug 17 11:41:41 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

Just a caution about Fuzion-- the rules are really meant for 
paper-and-pencil RGP.  I have had several email conversations with
people at both Hero and Talsorian.  The Fusion page right now is clear
that the rules are not to be used for online.  Here is the response
that I've gotten so far on Fuzion from Mike Pondsmith (May '97):

	Dear Frank. Sorry about the delay. The online policy was put 
	off until we could talk to a number of developers at this years 
	Computer GFame Developer's Conference (the best way to ask a LOT 
	of game people what they needed.) We are quite interested in 
	developing FUZION sites and I will have Lisa and Steve send you 
	the data ASAP. Thanks for hanging in there.

Here is the information from the Fuzion page:
	This copy is authorized
 	for single-download, personal use; commercial or
 	online use of these materials in any form without
 	written permission from the Fuzion Group will be
 	prosecuted to the full extent of law. To obtain
 	permission or licensing information, contact the
 	Fuzion Group at Talsorian at aol.com

A few game companies have published their online polices and have oked the
use of the engine for online use.  Other companies are definitely saying
"no".  So becareful.  

If the information aboub online policies is interesting enough, I 
will publish the information on my web page.

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