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Jeff Kesselman jeffk at tenetwork.com
Sun Aug 17 17:21:10 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

At 10:21 AM 8/17/97 PST8PDT, JL wrote:

>  These rules have been made available online at the
>R. Talsorian home page, specifically:
>Those working up a game system might want to give this a look
>see. :)

One mreo comment, btw.

Although by current Copyright law (usual disclaimer, i am not a alwyer and
thsi is NOt to be taken as legal advice) a game mechanics are by definition
NOT protected in any way (being ideas not works) NONETHELESS the Fuzion
folks are trying ahrd to make some revenue stream out of licensing their
system for games and such.

So if you are thinking abotu using it it woudl be polite to tal kto them

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