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>With 1s=1m time, say I get my hair cut every RL month (4 weeks, 28
>days, 672 hours, 40320 minutes, that'd be 40320 game minutes = 40320
>RL seconds = 672 minutes = 11 hours, or did I go off the rails
>somewhere there?), I'd have to cut it regularly in game. If you keep
>long hair, you could trim it far less frequently. You could say
>"automatically trim hair each morning to stay at X length(ish)" for
>those who wish to negate their personal control to an automaton.

Not comments, but observations:

  One of the guys I work with gets his har cut one a year, typically
in July.  He remains very recognisable year-round.

  I loathe getting my hair cut and do it as rarely as possible.  It is
a process that I find extremely annoying.  I do it for the sole reason
that not getting my hair cut is even more annoying: I find hair
touching my forehead to be intensely irritating.  

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