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At 07:53 PM 8/18/97 PST8PDT, JCL wrote:
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>   at 04:51 PM, Jeff Kesselman <jeffk at tenetwork.com> said:
>>At 04:16 PM 8/15/97 PST8PDT, JCL wrote:
>>>My explicit hope would be that the justice system would degrade to a
>>>case of verdict by biggest bully or last character left alive, with
>>>both cases encouraging the accused to define that condition.
>>Thsi is demcoracy ALA Gilbert and Sullivan's "Trial by Jury".
>Wonderful!  I had suspected I was the only G&S fan aboard.

You kidding? At one poitn in late highschool I knew many of the librettos
by heart, knew ALL of the stories in general, and I still can do a handful
of the songs :)

Your discussion of the different ways the game and society interract that
follows was inetrsting, my only comment is that i wish I was in the
position to choose who my players are.  Given that though most of my
palyers at least arribve at the game "unformed", tjhey are lookignon entry
to understand "how to play".  

The roel of teachign them CAN be taken on by an existing stable society if
ist present but so far i havent been lucky enough to see that  develop
spontaneously by users actions, and I frabnkly at this poitn doubt my user
base at elast is capabale of anywhere near the sophstication in social
skills to do so on their own.

Thsi leaves at l;east me oin the position, i believe, of having to define
the social structure and build teh structrue itno teh game itself. Ild note
in passing that this paralleles my pen and apper expereince-- the judge
really has to lead the players to a certain degree or they just fliunder
withotu knowing "what they should do."

Granted Im probably reachign for a different kind of exp[ereicne then you
are, although your "justice" system I suspect will have its own profound
(if troublesome) effect on any p[layer attempts to develop a society in
your game...

All IMo ofcourse...


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