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At 07:54 PM 8/18/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>this drama.  It seems silly to me to implement a complicated digestive
>system if you don't plan on allowing new fighters to wet themselves in
>battle, because digestion then becomes a minor 'feature' instead of an

Well, this is a better and more natural possability then soem others

But I feela  need to point something out.  Toilet trainign is oen of the
msot deeply ingrained taught behaviors westerners (at least, I dotn knwo
enough about other cultures to comment) have.  This is why one stanndard
element of brain washign is to force the victim into a psoitio nwher ethey
have no chocie but to wet themselkves.  The feelinmgs of guilt over this
are on sucha  low level that it quite effectively pucnhes a hole through
his/her ego armor and lets the brainwasher in.

Given this, someone is NOt goign to soil themsleves just ebcause they didnt
watch the time-of-day clock and frogot to type "drop pants and pee".

Rather they will get mreo an mreo uncomfortable until it is downright
painful and difficult to do anything else well BEFORE they let go of thsi
final barrier.

If your looking for realism, you gotta ask what is real.

The "peeing ones pants in fear" phenomenon exoists, butm only under EXTREME
terror.  How many people walked out of "Alien" with wet shorts? very few I


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