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>Pretend we have a game where character alignment isn't just based on
>how many good/evil creatures we have killed, but on
>character-character  interactions.  A good character gives change to
>the beggar on the corner, evil characters kick the beggar.  

Outside of the fact that I dislike the idea of the game tracking any
form of "alignment" concept, I'd also note that giving money to a
beggar is an ambiguous action.  Yes, it may help the beggar, but it
can also be argued to validate the profession of beggar as a trade
(and a trade it is) if not to actively encourage it.  Is the presence
of beggars a Good thing?  Which holds precedencs: the health of the
beggar as an individual, or the the "health" of your social population
(non-)affected by beggars?

Further note that quite possibly the most successful ever campaigns to
eradicate leprosy was centred on the wholesale slaughter and removal
of beggars.

>There are a few other things
>implied here...and an attempt
>to use the lying skill.

What is the difference between,

  > lie "..."


  > say "..."


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