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>I know some of you have some reasonably-sized libraries, so I was 
>wondering if you might be able to recommend some books for me?


>   OOD

I don't have my library to hand, and so will write in more general

  I like the Booch book.

  I didn't like the Yourden book until recently.

  Bjarne S's "Design of C++" (or was that philosophy?) was the real
kicker for me.

While not exactly a question of OOD, design patterns are essential. 
The Design Patterns patterns book by the gang of four is a humbling
godsend.  Worship at its feet.  Daily.  Quite simply I'd question to
competance of any serious OO/Design patterns/Frameworks chap who
didn't own a copy.  Email me directly at coder at ibm.net for the full
title, ISBN etc, its at home, not here.

>   Compiler design

The dragon book.  Don't recall exact title but its a staple in the
field and deatures a large red dragon peering thru a monitor on the

>   Tree algorithms (esp R-Trees, et al) (all I can find are general 
>   algorithm books that discuss binary trees - sigh) 

The Stony Brook Algorithms book.

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