Looking for books...

Greg Munt greg at uni-corn.demon.co.uk
Tue Aug 19 19:49:07 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

I know some of you have some reasonably-sized libraries, so I was 
wondering if you might be able to recommend some books for me?


   Compiler design

   Database design (esp persistence)

   Tree algorithms (esp R-Trees, et al) (all I can find are general 
   algorithm books that discuss binary trees - sigh) 

   Parser/NLP design

   Memory management (perhaps)

This list could go on and on, so I'll stop here. I consider these to be 
important concepts in mud design; how anyone can claim to have written a 
mud *without* reading thick books, this is beyond me! Certainly a lot of 
work for a so-called 'hobby' :)

I'm not too sure if this post is off-topic, or not - so, apologies where 

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