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At 10:05 AM 8/21/97 PST8PDT, Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote:
>mud-dev at null.net wrote:
>> Here are some random thoughts/questions on the matter.  Would liasons
>> be possible between PCs only or combination of PC/NPC?  
>I just want to make one comment here.
>Do NOT under ANY circumstances build rape code into your game. It's just
>not an amusing option, and can have some serious repercussions for
>survivors of such incidents.

Yeah Ild second this, though soem of our ful lblodded societal-simualtor
folks on the lsit might disagree.

The rpoblem with thsi subject is that its NOT treated with ther espect it
deserves in american society.  Rape, either actual or threatened,  is used
all the damn time in movies and such for lti9tle mreo then titlation value.

As the husband of  survivor who is all to well aware of JUSt how common it
actually IS in our society, I have walked otu of mroe then one movie in
disgust because of this, and ahd ones I did stay for partially ruined by it.

We are talking a  VERY personal invasion of privacy on a psychological
level, and roleplay by definitio nis a psychologoical exercise.

Having said this I wil lmake mention that in pen and paper I have actually
played through being a rape survivior, and I learned a rgeat deal from it
BUT I already udnerstood the absics of what it meant, the judge was
acutally a rape recovery counselor for a time, AND we discussed the plot
element and agrreed to see it through BEFORE we implemented it.

Yo udon't have the same kind of controla  judge ahs in an automated game
with players interracting with each other.

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