[MUD-Dev] Alignment

Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Mon Aug 25 20:31:29 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On 25 Aug 97 at 2:08, Matt Chatterley wrote:
> Having two views of alignment should be sufficient for roleplay - what the
> character thinks of his/herself, and what the rest of the world (globally
> and locally) think of him/her.

Aye.  It is essential that one hold their alignment to themselves
or between themselves and their diety (if within the theme).
No one should be forced to wear an alignment badge and it's 
downright important for it to be hidden in most circumstances.

Who really wants to run for office on a chaotic evil platform
against one running on a lawful good platform? ;)

> For Caffeine, I will probably require a third view (the actual innate
> 'alignment', taken from the point of view of the 'creator' of the world),
> for a few things - notably magic which modulates based on where you stand.

Yep I also need something along these lines, but it goes a bit 
further with the oracles. Certain rituals and customs must be held to 
for channeling to take place.

Jon A. Lambert

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