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At 05:42 PM 8/25/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>Neither the Greek nor Lovecraft  were particularly interested in the

Well Lovecraft was interested in mental state-- he broek his charcters.
That was the point.  I dont think you want to do that to your players.

As for greek. Different time, different place.  Not every society has
valued the individual as we do (mroe or less) today in western society.

>part of the dramatic development.  Much the same way as in contempo-
>rary holywood movies women get attacked and murdered either to allow
>some flesh to be shown or to spur the (male) hero into action.  When

As a side note.  This LOSES you soenm of your audiance.  It makes 
me angry.  yes the combiantion of sex adn violence generally DOEs combine
too very strong stimuli (at elast in the male ) and evoke a reaction, but
its a cheap manipulative and disgusting way to get a reaction and it makes
me as part of that audiance just feel disgusted with msyelf and teh fiolm
makers for doing it to me.

>game. Traumatic experiences do not care if it you are playing a game

Yes. VERY important, particuklarly in a role play game. the whoel point of
Rp is to feel the charcters emotions.. .these are emotions most would
rather NOT feel.  Roleplay is not like playing craps, there is a evry real
personal component.

>> After all mine is intended as a role-playing environment and 
>> one should be prepared to fit in with an ancient world where ones 
>> views on slavery, human rights, treatment of women, other races,
>> religion and sexual preference may well be alien and provoke strong 
>> OOC personal reaction.  

I'm sorry.  We Rp fantasy battles, does that mean we shoudl be prepared to
stab ousrelves, and die of untreated and infected wounds?

Our games are NOT reality, they eliminate much of the pain and suffering
inhearent in reality for a evry good reason...  personal pain is NOT fun.
And you are talkign a very personal pain ehre.

One reason college age men do not tend to really udnerstand rape is because
women are not made to feel free to talk abotu it in our society.  Itw as
nto until after my wife and Iw ere seriosu that I foudn otu she was a
survivor.  it was nto until we were going together quite a whiel and she
basicly coudl "vouch" for me as a caring and sensative man that other women
aroudn me opened up and let me knwo of tehir experiences...

The 3 out of 5 staistic IS real,  you DO know women who have been raped if
you know any number of women at all.  In time maybe they'll sahre soem of
the horror with you if you prove to be sensative to their feelings.

Would you take someone who had almost died in a mine cave in and nmake them
roleplay suffocatign ina  closed dark space?  Rape is an everyday horror of
western dociety thatb far to many women have had to experience for it to
belong in ANY recreational exercise.

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