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>It depends how far you want to take the code.  My solution will be as
>part of my player-recognition code, which will also store various
>bits of info about the person (as well as if you know them).  Thus
>you might have the following situation after Fred sees his friend Bob
>kill someone...

>>ask fred did bob kill joe?

>['ask' code grabs the word 'kill', and the names 'fred' and 'bob',
>noticing that 'bob' comes before 'joe'.  Checking Fred, we see that 
>he knows Bob, and that he knows bob killed joe.  The details of the 
>last question are stored on bob]

  > ask fred was who kill joe?

  > ask fred was bob killed by joe?

  > tell fred "did bob kill joe?"

  > ask fred what happened to joe?
  fred say, "Bubba nixed him."


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