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>Is there *really* an effective difference between any of these other
>than the fact that rape has a currency of emotional charge that (we
>like to think) racism, sexual discrimination, and sexual orientation
>discrimination don't?

Yes, i really think it does.  It has to do with the emotional trauma
involved in the incident.  Few people who are discriminated against respond
with "I just want him/her dead and ill be okay."  This is a COMMON early
response to rape.  I think that difference alone speaks volumes to those
sensitive to hear it.

I DO think the holocaust example was probably CLOSE (though not quite as
immediate) in emotional impact.  I would be p[retty goddamn offended if
someone did a command and conquer WWII startegy game where one of teh units
you coudl build were gas concetrationc amps, which then produced soap you
coudl give to your troops.  If I discovered thsi was buitl into the game
suddenly and withotu warnign I'ld be VERY upset.

People do deal with and get over descrimination incidents without too much
long term psychological damage.  Living witha  rape survivor Ild say the
same is NMOT true of rape victims.

And goddamnit I was going to get OFF this damn topic :(

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