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Jeff Kesselman jeffk at tenetwork.com
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At 03:47 PM 8/27/97 PST8PDT, JCL wrote:
>Given a non-immersive RP game, if necessary a GOP game or at least a
>game with little concentration on RP, would your position change?

If there is no RP, how/why do you rape?  Are you goign to give peopel
points for every other player tehy rape so they can keep score?

Ild consider this sick as hell, but at least iits upfront if you maske it
clear at the sign up that thsi is the game.

>Would you assert that a rape dramatised in a MUD bears anything near
>the magnitude of the strength of effect of a rape IRL?

No. It is more akin to a rape in a movie. My wife cringes in her seat and
physicly HIDES whenever a movie shows even an attempted rape.  Its a very
strong remidner of a very real trauma.

At elast in a well made movie though, there is usually a purpose beyond
just satisfyign the rapist's ignoble fantasies.  In a well made movie it is
an imprtoant element to the plot and handled VERY VERY carefully (I'm
thinkign of Braveheart at the moment which was the last well made movie I
saw that had a plot-improtant rape attempt in it.)

A BADLY made movie does it to satsofy the audiance's ignobel fantasies.
Those are the ones I walk out of.

>reactions.  My suspicion is that the anathem is due to the relation of
>a virtual incident to the horror a RL incident, and that the virtual
>incident in fact has little emotive impact in itself due to its
>diversion from RL (ie virtual-ness).

I thin lyi are half rigth and half wrong JCL.  It is definately due to real
world acts but it has a very STRING emotive impact.  How do survivors of
Auschwitz react to the captured nazi war footage? thats only a virtual
image too.   

Take a rape survivor to a movie witha rape in it and watch them yourself.
It does have to be, however someone who knows you know theya re a survivor
and that you don't blame them for their reactions.  Women are sent the
mesasage in our scoeity that they sjhoudl be ashamed of what happened to
them and not le on.  Thsi by the way only makes it worse.

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