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At 06:46 PM 8/27/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
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>>Would you take someone who had almost died in a mine cave in and
>>nmake them roleplay suffocatign ina  closed dark space?  
>"Make", as in "force or compell", no.  Offer, encourage them to,
>absolutely.  It is difficult to deal with a situation you do not
>comfortably confront, or avoid all references to.  Even an indirect if

Um. I questio nyour applciation here.

I see the value of gettign someoen to afce a fear, fidn otu that a
situation does nto have to end in the same trauma it ocnje did.

I do NOT see the abvleu of makign them relive the actual trauma itself.  As
far as I knwo tehy do NOT cure shell shock (or DSS as its knwon now) by
sending people BACK into combat.

>>Rape is an
>>everyday horror of western dociety thatb far to many women have had
>>to experience for it to belong in ANY recreational exercise.
>This presumes that rape in a game is a direct parody or reflection of
>rape in RL, sufficiently to engender similar effects in the "victim",
>no?  I doubt if that is true.
>My impression, and this is not well backed up with documentation or
>verifiable research despite much time and work put into it, is that
>the subjective effect (trauma?) of rape by "modern" western women as
>vs women of other cultures (african various), asian (chinese and
>japanese primarily), polynesian, etc) and earlier times is
>significantly different.  My direct suspicion is that it is a cultural
>and moral reflection, and not implicit in homo sapiens.  I have been

IS that relevent? it IS a trauma now.  Thats relaly all that matters .  Our
players do not come from an ancient society.  

Besides which sayign soemthign was exp[ected and sayign it wasn't traumatic
is two different things.  You expect peopel to die when you yo ugo to war,
does that blunt the trauma of seeing someones head bl;own off rigth next to

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