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At 06:58 PM 8/27/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
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>   at 10:52 PM, Jeff Kesselman <jeffk at tenetwork.com> said:
>>At 10:25 PM 8/25/97 PST8PDT, Jon Lambert wrote:
>>If ours was a society where people were dragged off by teh government
>>and totrued every day i DOUBT you'ld include thsi in your RP.
>I know I'm reacting to a troll, but yes, I would.  I have lived in
>parts of the world with governments like that.  The fact that that
>_is_ a part of the present RL environment would seem the a compelling
>reason to enclude it -- it is a point of familiarity, predictability
>for your players.  It also allow you as game designer to have fun with
>the concept, encouraging your players to view it from other, more
>external viewpoints.

Hmm. So by your argument we shoudl all be playigna  game where we werok our
asses off and peopel we have n ocontrol over who are corrupt as heel coem
and take a large aprt oif what we make on threat of icnarceration.

Furterhnmore we should all have to work in this world of yours too hard,
try to sdo too little with not enoucgh supplies, and not get any of the
credit for it.

My life isnt this way but a lot of people's in our scoiety are.

My point is that O dont consider exact simualtion of all the traumas and
trouble sof real life to be a very compelling recreation.

I also thin kthis arguemnt is ebcoiming argument for its own sake.  I fidn
it hard to beloieve peopel really bel;ieve soem of the thinsg theya re
espousing.  So lets finally drop it, damn it.


>Cannibalism is another fine topic here.  Without getting into details,
>on my first night in a particular country, one man killed another
>after/during a bar fight, and then proceeeded to cook and eat certain
>body parts right below my hotel window as part of his claiming the
>winner's spoils.
>>This has to due with the very real nature of rape as a very real
>>trauma to too many people.  Our issues abotu human anture are really
>>ancillary to thsi topic.
>Is it the function or purpose of a game not to offend any of its
>>>I also do not buy into the argument that you have to "be a woman" to 
>>>completely understand the issues here.  It would follow that that 
>>You don't.  But you DO have to know a hel of a lot abotu the unspoken
>>parts of being a women in america.  Rape does not threaten most young
>>men because they don't have a terribly high likelyhood of beign raped
>>either in their past or near future.  Women have both.
>Without comment I'll observe that this argument only holds water if
>you accept that the fact that those matters are unspoken is acceptable
>or "correct".
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