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>Harassment is a significant problem on many muds.  What ways have others
>on this mailing list found to prevent it and deal with it?

A major problem and there are many kinds of harrasment.

In the short term we have had to institute rules and "coips" really because
so little in the way of community controls were built into DSO.  With our
next generation product its been a heavy consideration at all phases of our
development, from the combat system to the chat system. Were constantly ask
can this be abused and how?"

And to us harassment is abuse, Im not going to debate that. Others can have
their own opinions.

One mechanism that has been moderately effective is the muzzle, which
prevents you u8from hearing anything a designated player says.
Unfortunately there are 2 problems with this: (1) they can still harass
though actions. (2) There is a minor but consistent problem with those who
are not very confident i themselves being afraid of what might be said
"behind their backs" while they cant hear it. In practice this is seldom ma
real problem, but the perception prevents full us of the muzzle.,

We thing we have considered on and off is the  muzzle-vote, where if more
then some percentage (i go for about 75% myself) of the people in hearing
range have all muzzled someone then they actually lose the ability to speak
in that area.  I not sure if this would work TU or not, its just a
theoretical constrict at the present.


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