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>Remember the AmalgaMud specs posted back in March.  (These weren't 
>part of the archives, I could only find my post referencing the 
>following sections), I'd be interested in seeing section 10 again as
>I don't have it handy.

I'm forwarding you a copy.  It is an interesting document that could
bear further examination.

>If I recall mobiles actually wandered about and when they collided in
>private areas and other conditions were right, they uh, copulated,
>and produced offspring.  I don't recall how character reproduction

To quote:


10.4        Mobile Reproduction
If a mobile should walk into a room that does not have
the Public bit set, and recieves the reproduce
impulse, and if another mobile of it's type is in the
room, it will spend a random ammonut of time in the
Occupied state.  After this time has ellapsed, if
neither was interrupted, a new mobile is created, with
stats no more than 5% off of the average of it's
parent's stats and skills.

The command "reproduce" in the Pending list will
prompt this action if conditions are favorable.

10.4.1        Character Reproduction
Characters also can reproduce, provided one is male
and the other female.  When this action begins, all
exits in the room are closed and locked, if possible. 
The characters are then put into the Occupied state
for a random duration ranging from half an hour to an
hour and a half.  If both characters endure this state
for the full duration, a character is created as above
with one exception: skills of the parents are reduced
to 20% of the parent's average.  The father is
prompted for the sex, profession, and racename of the
new character.  The mother is prompted for the name,
password, and class of the new character.

The new character will follow the mother as a pet
until either she or it is killed, at which point it
will quit, saving itself as a real character.  If it
was killed, it saves itself with 1 less Lives.
An additional benefit of this activity is complete
healing and uncursing of the characters involved and
their items, including a random ammuont added to the
hit points of armor.

10.5        Mobile Generating Plants
The only other way for mobiles to come into existence
without the direct help of a Deity is to be generated
by Plants.  This happens only once every day, and the
mobile generated is only a close copy of it's mold. 
Variences up to 5% are allowed in all stats and skills.


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