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On Thu, 28 Aug 1997 S001GMU at nova.wright.edu wrote:

:I can think of only one major flaw of forking off alternate universes whenever
:someone solves a quest, and then only allowing that person into the quest.
:You loose all sense of a coherent world.  Every person would have a different
:world in which to play, isolating them from the rest of the players.  Quite
:frankly, what's the point?  why put the M in MUD then?


Since I do this myself (see about five months ago for my last post on the
subject.... sorry.) I will have to pipe in here... "It works". The only 
thing is, you have to do something about conversations between people with
alternate histories. I tend to change names... so the name of a place slated
for this sort of continual reincarnation is actually set to a phonetic
variable seeded with the name of the viewer. I can go into more detail if you
are interested.


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