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Marian Griffith gryphon at iaehv.nl
Thu Aug 28 20:33:05 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

On Wed 27 Aug, Jeff Kesselman wrote:
> At 05:43 PM 8/27/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:

> >can we do it again sometime?" No one ever dreams of being a rape victim.
> >And anyone on your game who seriously dreams of being a rapist should be
> >taken out and shot.

> I appreciate and approve of your sentiment.  However its important to
> remember that internal fantasies are odd things and we can sometimes
> fantasize for little to no reason about things we would NEVER wish to do in
> real life.  My ONLY point here is that people should not harbor guilt over
> deeply internal never acted out fantasies no matter how disgusting they
> might be if taken any where near the real world.

But should it be part of a game?

Yes - at last - You. I Choose you. Out of all the world,
out of all the seeking, I have found you, young sister of
my heart! You are mine and I am yours - and never again
will there be loneliness ...

Rolan Choosing Talia,
Arrows of the Queen, by Mercedes Lackey

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