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>Jeff Kesselman wrote:
>> engine ala Cold or Smalltalk.  This is akign to the 'realtional databes"
>> oidea where everythitgn is stored as tables, ebven the sturucture of the
>> data itself.
>I don't think of this as persistence. By persitence I mean something
>like handing a reference to an object and tell the persistence system to
>save the object and everything that object refers to unless something
>else is specified. A database is something else, I may be wrong..

A relational database really is jsuta way of organizing data on the disk
drive.  The inetrface coudl be what you describe or a standard table-type
generic inetrface.  In iether case a dataabse coudl be living under neath
to ragnize the data.

An "object orinted database" is a lot mreo like what yo udescribe BUT the
problem qwith your descriptionj is that it make sa concious act of storing
and retrieving necessary. Many "inhearently p[ersistant" systems (such as
cold or Smalltalk) do NOT require such an active effort.  In genral the
difference is in tehcnase of cold or Smalltalk the persistance is built
into the system, in the case of a C++ persistance library it is an add on.

But ANY system that can store the values of obejcts and recreate them from
a secondary storage device ghas the quality of "persistance". Lieterally
persistance comes from the english verb "to persist" or to continue to exist.

Jeff Kesselman

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