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On 27/08/97 at 08:18 AM, "Jon A. Lambert" <jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com>
said: >On 26 Aug 97 at 18:54, clawrenc at cup.hp.com wrote:

>> >...By using "lie" it is clear what the
>> >_intention_ of the player-character is, which might just maybe be a
>> >tiny little bit useful in some extremely rare situation. :)
>> This I agree with, and like. but more in the context of the human
>> knowingly attempting a snowjob which he wishes to have his character
>> portray such that it might be detected thru mannerisms or body
>> language (eg the wry lip quirk, the hidden chuckle etc).
>Methinks he roleplays, even if he protests too much. 

An assertion that has come up several time previously on this list.  I
agree with you but for the standardly(?) accepted (espoused?)
definition of "roleplay".  

When I have done such things as the above, it was with the concious
and known intent to manipulate others.  There was no intent to create
a story or to experience a vicarious life thru another's eyes.  The
idea was to use my characters (typically several of them
simultaneously) to create either false impressions in others, or
impressions which lead to my advantage in some manner.  (Actually a
lot of the time I was just playing mind fuck and leading them around
in mental circles.)  This was a concious and knowing manipulation --
very much a game of seeing how far I could lead them by the nose
without them guessing.  

While this didn't have the aspect of me delving into a character's
life, it did have me spending much thought on how to *represent* that
character to another such that that other fellow would come out of it
thinking exactly what I wanted him to think.  As such, I very much
played a "role", much in the way an actor might play a role with one
eye always half on his audience to see how its going, and to tweak the
soft spots.

It wasn't pretty.  I was rather good at it.  I don't enjoy that sort
of thing any more.  I'm not fond of the awareness that I have
manufactured and deceived someone else's understanding or viewpoint to
that level.  

However, from an external view, it was all roleplay.  I played roles,
several of them, and in that manner created a story, typically with
implict and (hopefully) undiscovered lies and deceit.  It was a
carefully crafted dance about the truth with each character strutting
its stuoff and creating the fallacy.  A scheme of roles.


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