[MUD-Dev] Re:)

Adam Wiggins nightfall at user2.inficad.com
Sun Aug 31 01:13:31 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

[much snipped]
> I think the whole discussion is rather sad.  Why don't we discuss how
> to make MUDs sexually interesting to women instead?  That's far more

Hmmm...MUDs are sexually interesting to men?  If I can think of any
two things in my life which have absolutely NOTHING to do with one
another, it's mudding and sex.

Maybe I'm just a freak, though - I've never had 'mudsex' (in fact, I'm
a bit foggy on what it entails excatly, although I assume steamy
emotes).  I've also never flirted with or been flirted with by any
character, female or not, at least not to my knowledge.

> MUDs should deal with sexually related topics or allow for erotic
> fantasies etc, simply because flirt and erotic behaviour is an
> important component in communication among adults.

Okay, now here's an interesting topic.  Define 'deal with..'?
Should the mud have commands like 'french kiss', 'fondle', 'feel up',
'perform cunnilingus', 'bite nipple', etc etc?  If it does, should these
commands do anything other than a fancy emote?  Or should these commands
not exist, and everything be left to emotes?

I suppose we're a bit unique in that we don't allow emotes simply because
we are focused around being a consistant and realistic world, and allowing
people to emote 'pounds you into the ground with his mace' or 'gives you
1,000,000 coins' or even 'fucks you in the ass with his giant donkey-dick'
are highly disruptive to the game environment.  Of course, this means
we have to make up for it with lots of commands to allow for social
interaction besides speech.  Up until now we've had only commands like kiss
and hug; apparently you (and no doubt others) think there should be more?

> Rape is not dealing with sex.

It depends.  A 'rape' command would be ridiculous, IMO - akin to an
aggressive 'give' command.  Also, for us, adding some sort of mechanism
for sexual intercourse between characters means that we can't get away
without having rape in some form, because it would go against all our
game design fundamentals to not allow sex without full consent of both
partners.  I personally don't find on-line sex to be even mildly interesting,
therefore we've ignored the whole subject completely.  Is this a mistake?

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