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On 27/08/97 at 04:35 PM, Jeff Kesselman <jeffk at tenetwork.com> said:
>At 03:47 PM 8/27/97 PST8PDT, JCL wrote:

>>Given a non-immersive RP game, if necessary a GOP game or at least a
>>game with little concentration on RP, would your position change?

>If there is no RP, how/why do you rape?  Are you goign to give peopel
>points for every other player tehy rape so they can keep score?

If you have sex, it can be assumed that you have breeding and thus
pregnancy.  This can be extended into parental affiliation/allignment,
and primitive genetics:

  Bubba, the black hearted evil goblin, rapes the Duke's wife.

  Bubba (after a while) now has an evil cohort in the Duke's camp.


  Bubba, the black hearted evil goblin, rapes the Duke's wife.
  The Duke's wife is an active campaigner, and a wily enemy of the
goblins.  She is now effectively incapacitated during pregnancy (Swing
a sword with morning sickness?  Sleep 14hours a day _and_ kick goblin
butt?  Emotional tantrums at every jibe?)

Other scenarios can be fairly easily derived as well.  

>Ild consider this sick as hell, but at least iits upfront if you
>maske it clear at the sign up that thsi is the game.

In a game with RP, wouldn't the above be within the defines of "RP"?

>>reactions.  My suspicion is that the anathem is due to the relation of
>>a virtual incident to the horror a RL incident, and that the virtual
>>incident in fact has little emotive impact in itself due to its
>>diversion from RL (ie virtual-ness).

>I thin lyi are half rigth and half wrong JCL.  It is definately due
>to real world acts but it has a very STRING emotive impact.  How do
>survivors of Auschwitz react to the captured nazi war footage? thats
>only a virtual image too.   

Not well.  I have direct knowledge here.  My maternal grandfather died
in a German concetration camp.  The backyard of my mother's house was
used as a V2 launching station, etc.  I know many who were in Europe
during WWII who are categorically incapable of watching even the
trailers for Schindler's List.  In at least one case the reaction to
the trailer was to huddle on the floor, hiding as far under their seat
as they could get.

I don't argue the impact.  I argue that the impact is not tied to the
virtual recreation, but to the original incidene which the recreation
taps by relation.

>Take a rape survivor to a movie witha rape in it and watch them
>yourself. It does have to be, however someone who knows you know
>theya re a survivor and that you don't blame them for their
>reactions.  Women are sent the mesasage in our scoeity that they
>sjhoudl be ashamed of what happened to them and not le on.  Thsi by
>the way only makes it worse.

Been there, done that.  Not all women in such positions react that

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