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On 27/08/97 at 07:05 PM, Jeff Kesselman <jeffk at tenetwork.com> said:
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>>I know I'm reacting to a troll, but yes, I would.  I have lived in
>>parts of the world with governments like that.  The fact that that
>>_is_ a part of the present RL environment would seem the a compelling
>>reason to enclude it -- it is a point of familiarity, predictability
>>for your players.  It also allow you as game designer to have fun with
>>the concept, encouraging your players to view it from other, more
>>external viewpoints.

>Hmm. So by your argument we shoudl all be playigna  game where we
>werok our asses off and peopel we have n ocontrol over who are
>corrupt as heel coem and take a large aprt oif what we make on threat
>of icnarceration.

No, you are being facetious.  I propose that embedding such systems
into the game in a manner which could be *interesting* is valid. 
Taking you case abive exactly, a simple way to extend it such that it
becomes potentially interesting is to create an insurrgent group,
rebels if you wish.  Then the game becomes to play a normal
ulimately-boring down-trodden cog in the system by day, and a leader
of the insurrection by night.

>Furterhnmore we should all have to work in this world of yours too
>hard, try to sdo too little with not enoucgh supplies, and not get
>any of the credit for it.

Very much as we do now in the US?  Sure.  *Then* you make it
interesting.  It can be done.  Its not difficult.  It has extra
strength because it keys off a known, well agreed-upon, part of RL. 
The IRS could be a prime candiate for 'murcans.

>My point is that O dont consider exact simualtion of all the traumas
>and trouble sof real life to be a very compelling recreation.

Of course not.  Escapism and all that rot.  However you can put in the
base enviornmental structures and then parody or otherwise enjoy them.

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