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On 28/08/97 at 09:33 AM, "Felix A. Croes" <felix at xs1.simplex.nl> said:

>Removing resets leads towards a mud ecology, as far as killing
>monsters is concerned.  But if quests do not reset, it means that you
>can only do them once.  But that implies that a quest can only be
>solved by a single person, unless each solved quest forks off a new
>alternate universe: one in which this particular player has solved
>the quest.

Not true.  This was discussed recently in the recet-less game thread
that AlexO started.  Many systems were postulated to create quests
that regenerated, yet were not constant or predictable.  

The base approach which I proposed was to create systems where the the
desired state (something to quest against) was created as a
side-effect of the winner of multiple other competing systems.  Thus
the kidnapped princess could be an endlessly recreating quest, however
the exact form of the kidnap case (who, what, where, why, how to
recover) would vary each time depending on a very large number of
essentially random factors (the princess would be kidnapped as a
side-effect of other motions).

I'll dig out the thread if you are interested.

>For example, Boffin the Quest-Solver enters the castle and eventually
>dispatches the dragon that has set up shop in the courtyard by
>kicking away a loose keystone, causing the north-east tower to
>collapse on the unwary beast.  The grateful residents of the castle
>elect Boffin as their new protector, and a new alternate reality has
>been created. From now on, upon entering the general area, Boffin
>will always find himself in the world where he liberated the castle,
>whereas Boffo will find the dragon still in place and the north-east
>tower only somewhat leaning over.

Nathan does much along this line.

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