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At 08:37 AM 8/31/97 PST8PDT, you wrote:
>Maybe I'm just a freak, though - I've never had 'mudsex' (in fact, I'm
>a bit foggy on what it entails excatly, although I assume steamy

Without coping to any specific behavior I'ld suggest the alternate (and IMO
more exact term) "explicit roleplay", and you are basicly correct.  The big
difference between this and what can (and has on reasonably rare occasions)
in pen and paper campaigns I've been in is that in erpson peoepl tend to
cut these things short with the classic old movie etchnique of the "pan
into the trees".  With the safety and increased vividness of roleplay
stemming from reasonable anonymity these things soemtimes (but not always)
go a good deal further before the fade out (alot mroe liek a mdoern movie.)

Really though, if you consider roleplay inetrractvie story tellign, then
"cybersex" or whatever else you ant to call it can be considered just
interactvie erotic story telling-- and such kidns of literature have been
around as long as literature has.

>emotes).  I've also never flirted with or been flirted with by any
>character, female or not, at least not to my knowledge.

Heh, kidna clueless, huh?  Or do you not interract much with other in a
character capacity? Flirtatio ncan take a variety of forms.  My standard
chat-room persona is a large playful black panther.  Although tehre is
ntohign sexual about it, there is soemthing reasonably sensual abotu how
humans interract with cats and it can be pretty flirtatious in a totally
non-sexual way.

>> MUDs should deal with sexually related topics or allow for erotic
>> fantasies etc, simply because flirt and erotic behaviour is an
>> important component in communication among adults.
>Okay, now here's an interesting topic.  Define 'deal with..'?
>Should the mud have commands like 'french kiss', 'fondle', 'feel up',
>'perform cunnilingus', 'bite nipple', etc etc?  If it does, should these
>commands do anything other than a fancy emote?  Or should these commands
>not exist, and everything be left to emotes?

heh. All I can tell you is that the first ghraphic mud with aniamtions for
hard core actions WILL make a LOT of moeny.. and be the center of a storm
of protest (myabe Chris shoudl work on thsi one-- he'ld make bukcs and
enjoy the flames.)

Ironicly its not even difficult because 95% of Americans have almost NO
imagination when it comes to bed behavior.  If you dont believe me check
out ANY random 5 X rated videso at your local video store and catalog the
variations. ill be surpised if you come up with 5 across all 5 tapes, and
of thsoe 5 at least 4 will be common across ALL tapes.

>I suppose we're a bit unique in that we don't allow emotes simply because
>we are focused around being a consistant and realistic world, and allowing
>people to emote 'pounds you into the ground with his mace' or 'gives you
>1,000,000 coins' or even 'fucks you in the ass with his giant donkey-dick'
>are highly disruptive to the game environment.  Of course, this means
>we have to make up for it with lots of commands to allow for social
>interaction besides speech.  Up until now we've had only commands like kiss
>and hug; apparently you (and no doubt others) think there should be more?

Personally, I think if you are text absed you should let your users write
their own text.  I woudl find a system that restricted me onyl to the
actions the deisgners though of to be WAY to constrictive for nay
meaningful roleplay, period.  In fact, I woiudl be suprised to not find
players circumventing your restrictions with conventiosn like "<action>" or
"** action **".

>> Rape is not dealing with sex.

Thsi subject is dead out of decency to your fellow list readers, folks.  I
include it only to remind you of that fact.

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