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Jeff Kesselman jeffk at tenetwork.com
Sun Aug 31 12:09:41 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

At 08:37 AM 8/31/97 PST8PDT, Adam Wiggins wrote:
>*nod*...most of our wrestlers are completely unskilled.  Wrestling was
>we threw in as more of a way to help out the big, slow guys - if that

Just as a note most RPG systems balance the speed of a little guy with the
damage dealt.  The big guy with greater strength does much mroe damage when
he DOES hit.  But whatever works for you.

>*nod*...although I should tell you our size scale.  Our test runs usually
>involve sending in two or three goblins (~50 lb each, 3') versus a
>minotaur (~800 lb, 9') or a jhaa'rdk (~900 lb, 9').

Well that certainly is an extreme you dont see in the real world.  Coudl a
man, or boy, with the proepr techniques, hold a horse?  I tyend to think
so, but the techniques woudl be very different tehn for a man.  Thats just
an opinion though. i knwo of no practical tests :)

>Secondly, I didn't write any of the wrestling code, but rather my partner
>(who is currently practising Jujitsu, although I'm not sure how his
>experience level compares to yours).

Hmm.  I studied Judo.  Its been years, i hardly even remember msot of my
Japanese and though Is tudied a numeb of years I was never very good
frankly but i WAS good at undertsnading the theory ;)  

Jujitsu is the martial art from which the sport Judo wss derived.   Itw as
always my understanding that the two are, at the theoretical roots, pretty
much identical BUT I've never studied Jujitsu itself so I coudl well have
holes in my knowledge there.

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