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At 09:50 AM 8/31/97 PST8PDT, JCL wrote:

>If you have sex, it can be assumed that you have breeding and thus
>pregnancy.  This can be extended into parental affiliation/allignment,
>and primitive genetics:

There was an episode of World Report recently on public TV about this
particular tactic in the Bosnian War you should probably see.

You could also argue that its a very effective and personal torture
technique for breaking someoen.  Biologically in animals it can also be a
dominance tactic (Lawrence of Arabia comes to mind, as does some things
that have come to light in terms of such things between male wolves.)

HOWEVER I really have NO interest in providing an environment for my
players to descend to the level of base animals.  I expect a bit more form
m,y players.  Maybe that's just my prejudice but there you go.

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