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Jeff Kesselman jeffk at tenetwork.com
Sun Aug 31 13:07:55 New Zealand Standard Time 1997

At 10:24 AM 8/31/97 PST8PDT, JCL wrote:
>Of all the membership of this list, other than myself and Nathan, are
>there __ANY__ not doing a fairly standard variation on a fantasy
>world?  Oh, I know the details will be different, you'll have various
>forms of internal economies, or magic systems, or family or clan
>systems, or interesting forms of heavy/light RP, or whatever.  But the
>base structure of a glorified medieval world overstocked with magical

Hmm. Dark-Sun is definitely a fantasy world.  Its really a premedieval
warlord or city-state type structure.  Its NOt (or shouldn't be DSO I was)
overstocked with magic as magic is rare, a recent development and feared.
The primary technology actually is psionic.  Its also a resource poor
world, very little free metal available at all.

But ultimately its still la fantasy world with
mages/clerics/figherts/theives and such.

I would love to do a Ravenloft product eventually, which although it has
fantasy trappings is really Gothic Horror (true Gothic, not WoD).  That
would require quire some very different approaches to the material.

>True.  It is for the same reason that so few have read "The Well At
>Worlds End".  Its adherance to the actual structure of its time is so
>authentic (including language) that few have the perseverance to get
>much further than, "Uhh, yeah.  Weird words."

On the the other hand, Clock Work orenge is a classic even though you need
to learn a new langauge.  I think you also hd to learn soem new parts of
speach to read Brabve new world, didn't you?  granted neoither as as
popualr as a fricking TSR novel today... **SIGH**

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